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Unicowrn Help

Post by liverpoolfc on Mon Feb 04, 2008 12:35 pm

Hello all,

As you might expect Unicowrns are extremely rare and delicate, so breeding them is a very tricky job. You will need to be patient, precise and assiduous to achieve a correct covering to get Babycowrns!

Unicowrns will only have a 1/6 chance of producing a Babycowrn, if the covering is done at the right time. The other 5/6 will produce a normal Howrse foal.

You have two possibilities during 24 hours:

6h23am and 6h23pm GMT.
Unicowrns are like Howrses, they need to be trained to evolve and produce better foal. Training is the same as usual as are most of the other features.

Unicowrns however have a special bonus at birth, the Howrn! It gives the Unicowrn a +6 in dressage bonus.

Unicowrns also can't have a golden apple coat or medusa's blood. They're to delicate.

Logow also recently confirmed that you must have the same breeds when breeding two unicowrns. If you don't (for example you breed an Irish Hunter Unicowrn with a PSH unicowrn) you will just get a normal Howrse Foal. No babycowrn!

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