Riding Level 5

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Riding Level 5

Post by Howrse on Sat Jul 14, 2007 9:42 am

Here you can get answers to Riding Level 5

What is the hinny?
the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey

What safety rules must be respected when you are with a horse?
Be careful in all contacts with horses

Horseshoes must be replaced…
Every 4 to 6 weeks

How long does gestation last in mares?
11 months

Just like human's nails, a pony's hooves constantly grow.

About what size was the smallest horse in hands?

Which ones of the following terms designates a part of the horseshoe?
The toe clips
The sponge

Can I make my horse gallop when riding it?

Out of these horse breeds, which one is not a heavy horse?
The Waler

When I am riding my horse, can I use the road?

How many centimeters does a horn grow every month?

Which of these parts are found on a saddle? ( not sure )
The palm rest
The seat
The strap

Clipping the toe(s) beforehand, the blacksmith can sometimes put the horseshoes on the wrong way. ( not sure )

What are gymkhanas?
Horse game and race tests

The horn of the hooves must be cut from time to time.

Horses suffer when nails are tapped into the horn

To turn my horse around, I have to…
use the reins

When horses are not in the meadow, the hoof's horn dries and therefore needs to be regularly lubricated.

Does the bit have to be washed after every use?

What is a headpiece?
A part of the harness which goes over the horse's neck

What small difference is there between the black horn and the white horn of horses?
One is more flexible than the other

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