What is GP?

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What is GP?

Post by liverpoolfc on Wed Oct 24, 2007 11:57 am

GP stands for genetic potential. GP is the maximum skills a horse can reach. The GP of your horse/pony can be found in the Genetics box on your horse/pony page. The level of GP is determined by the average GP of the parents. Therefore you can work out the GP of your horse/pony by adding the GP of the mother and father together and dividing them by two. You can get a better GP for your foal by breeding parents which have a GP greater then 0. Some GP can also be earned by playing games with your foal. In the genetic box it tells you the maximum skill your horses can gain in a skill ie galloping. For everyone of these skills that you get over 100 your horse will get a green star in the genetics box.

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