Riding Level 4

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Riding Level 4

Post by Howrse on Sat Jul 14, 2007 9:41 am

Here you can get answers for Riding Level 4

How often does an adult horse have to be dewormed?
Every year

How may breeds of horses are there today?
Over 100

To notice a limp and determine where it comes from,
You make the horse trot

The bit is placed…
under the tongue

A constellation bears the name of a famous mythological horse. What is its name?

The expression "lame duck"
Designates someone that is lazy

What is deworming used for?
To remove parasites from the horse that are squatting in its intestine

Do you have to loosen the girth of a horse when someone is about to mount it?

To go from cantering to galloping, my horse must return to walking.

Horses must not drink a lot of cold water in one go if they are sweating.

The quality of the soil on which the horse works is very important, check the right statements:
Deep soil tires out the tendons
Hard soil tires out the joints
The frog has a shock-absorbing role; it must be released to work well

Can you make your horse canter whilst staying seated?

What do you have to do to increase to a faster speed?
Use your calves

To jump a hurdle, I have to:
Place my horse in the middle

When riding my horse, do I have to respect the highway code?

How often should a horse be clipped?
Once a year

Can horses get tetanus?

Some vaccinations are compulsory for competing in horse competitions:
Horse flu

Can too many apples cause diarrhea?

My horse is cantering. I would like it to go back to walking. What do I have to do?
Pull on the reins

How tall was the largest horse in hands?
Over 2 metres

A horse's diet includes cereals, these are preferably given (adjective depending on the type of cereal):

I have to clean my horse's box…
every two days

I can clean the dirt stuck under the hooves with a soft brush.

What is the most frequent cause of death in horses?

What does the term "semi-wild" horse mean?
A domesticated horse that has become wild again

Can I stroke my horse during riding?

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