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Advertise for Us - Internet Explorer

Post by liverpoolfc on Mon Oct 22, 2007 1:01 pm

Please be patient and wait for the pictures to load.

Advertise for Howrse SOS. There are 3 three banners to choose from I will put the banners and their URL on a seperate post. This post shows you how to put a banner on your profile page:

First you must go to your profile page.

Then you have to click on the image button (the picture of a house)

A small yellow bar may appear If this happens click on it and select 'Temporarily allow scripted windows.

Once this is clicked a box will come up In the box you must enter the URL of the banner you have chosen and click OK

Then to link the image to Howrse SOS you must click on the link button(The picture of the world with an arrow)

If the yellow bar appears again repeat the operation above.

This time in the box you must type:

Finaly click Edit My Profile.

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Re: Advertise for Us - Internet Explorer

Post by horsehazmad2 on Fri Feb 01, 2008 11:58 am



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