Riding Level 9 (Bonus Level!)

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Riding Level 9 (Bonus Level!)

Post by Howrse on Sun Oct 21, 2007 2:45 pm

Riding Level 9

Healthy tendons are:

* fine, dry and smooth

Who was Baucher?

* The author of the saying "hands without feet, feet without hands"
* The inventor of the eponymous bit

For the "Arab" trot, I am

* stood up on the stirrups, legs straight

After a work session, I have to

* inspect its tendons
* thoroughly check there is no harness wound
* pick my horse's hooves

Who created the famous saying "Calme, en avant et droit"?

* General L'Hotte

Which one of these bones is not found in a horse?

* the clavicle

In this list, what names designate reins?

* the elastics
* the blinkers
* the martingale

After being born, foals, in general:

* is fed for a long time by its mother
* stands up in less than one hour

In horses, ingesting less than 10 grams of yew can cause death

* true

In hurdle jumping races and in cross races, the hurdles:

* have a jumping over direction in hurdle racing
* the red flag is on the right, the white one on the left

There was a particularly fast horse that won a lot of races. When it died, it was found that it had an additional vertebra.

* true

In high school dressage, we come across the piaffe and the passage. Check the correct statements:

* The passage is an intermediary gait between collected trotting and the piaffe
* For both, this is a symetric, jumped gait in two goes
* The piaffe is a sort of trotting on the spot

What does the verb "to paddock" mean?

* for a horse, to refuse to go riding by "pushing" its horse rider to the door (so, the paddock)

What are the elements of the bridle?

* the reins
* the bit
* the cheek strap
* the throat latch

What is the average length of a galloping stride?

* 3.50m

To what does the horse's hock correspond to in humans?

* to the ankle

A mare can, just like males, sometimes have two additional teeth called "fangs":

* true, we then say she is "sterile"

When grooming a horse's mane, you can make fine plaits, called:

* slugs

What are the wedges?

* the angles of a part
* a part of a tooth which falls out at 3 years

In cross races, what types of obstacles are there?

* panoramic hurdles
* flight hurdles
* directional hurdles

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