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Post by Howrse on Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:58 am

Here are the rules, terms and guidelines for Howrse SoS:

1. No abusive language
2. No adult topics, children play on here
3. Be kind and post tips if you have any
4. No writing in ALL CAPS, LIKE THIS. It is like shouting in the middle of a library, which is very rude
5. Make the forum a happy place to be and do not swear
6. Rude posts will be edited or deleted without notice
7. Every time you post unwanted or rude things, you will be taken a chance. If you loose 5 chances, you will be suspended from the game.
8. People who make more than one account will have all accounts deleted without prior notice
9. If you make an account with a rude name, it will be deleted
10. If you offend a member of the team, your account will be suspended or even deleted
11. If you are sent any rude or abusive messages then send a message to a mod or admin immediately

This post will be edited to fit the new rules, every now and again.

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