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Riding Level 8

Post by Howrse on Fri Aug 17, 2007 2:55 am

Here you can get the answers to Riding Level 8

Leon Tolstoļ, Russian great writer, was a horse lover; he
was still riding at 75 years.

-Which dress comprises hairs of the three colors, mixed?

- The harness-maker is a trade disappeared today

- The harness makes saddles, bridles, harnesses - a more sophisticated job than the saddler

- What a mash?
a food whose horses that is also a treat

- An well adjusted saddle:
does not touch the withers

- Who was the first rider of Pegasus?

- The skeleton of the saddle is named:
the frame

- Bolted it, at the end of the 19the century, was improved with Arab blood, but for which reason?
To make them faster and to allow them in record time to deliver the tide in Paris

- Which is the succession of posing members to the gallop on the left?
Rear right, diagonal right, rear left

- Notch the right assertions:
there are general-purpose saddles
the saddles western can have two straps
the dressage saddles have flaps longer than those of the saddles of obstacle

- There are synthetic nets:

- The caper, celebrates figure of the horses of the Black edge of Saumur consists of a jump during which the horse strips a kick. Why was thisinvented?
To prepare the riders with the hard jolts of the combat

- The saddler makes saddles, supports, harness of attachment, an invoice more sophisticated than the harness-maker.

- The Isabelle dress owes her name with:
Isabelle-The-catholic, having made wish at the time of the seat of Grenade in 1491, to change shirt only at the end of the seat; from where this "dirty" color

- what is the name of the small "pin" of a buckle:
the tongue

-The material (saddle + net) must be cleaned and lubricated:
once a month

-The chestnuts are:
fruits of the chestnut
traces of an old additional finger of the horse at the time prehistoric

-With what are used of top stitches:
to reinforce the seams

-Which is the disadvantage of the neat's foot oil?
it uses the seams prematurely

-When a new horse introduced into a herd is generally:
violently rejected

- The saddle stone:
used to look after the leather without dampening it

- Which of these bones is part of the carp joint?
The talus

- Fjord pony's manes naturally grow short.

-It's sunny, -10�C, the bit of ground I am on is a good clear path, there are no stones, my horse is calm. I can gallop.

- Check all the elements of the saddle:(multiple answers)
- the blades
- the flaps
- the cantle

- The saddler is a job that has disappeared today

- Leather is a material:

- The "round knife" is also more often called:

- Which of these figures comes under the two-track work?(multiple answers)
- Circle
- Shoulder inside

- To sew, the saddler uses:(multiple answers)
- needles
- hemp thread

- The harnessing leather is normally looked after:
with glycerine soap

- The "paring knife" is used to:
thin out the piece of leather

- In each molting period, horses are more tired and vulnerable than usually.

- Saddles have eyes:
- false

- One of my club's horses, at eating time, is not eating and is fussy:
It's undoubtedly serious, I'll notify an instructor

- What is the sequence of placing down limbs in canter left?
Back right; front right; left diagonal

- Above all, leathers are sensitive to:(multple answers)

-To smooth out the leather, the saddler uses a sleeker - a tool generally made in:

-A windgall is:
a small defect

- What is a tanner?
the person who prepares the leathers for the harness maker

The correct question for the saddle base:

Synthetic bridles:

-Horses are very aggressive animals. This is why they have been used a lot in battles
Horses are animals built for running away.
Horses are gregarious animals

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