Equestrian Centers

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Equestrian Centers

Post by Howrse on Fri Aug 10, 2007 9:27 am

You can open your own equestrian center to accommodate the horses and ponies of other players in board and lodging or accommodate your own. You have to demonstrate ingenuity in your investments, know how to define your objectives but also put together your own cross and show jumping competition tracks, organize your crops and keep your meadows in the best condition possible. To manage your center, you have to rely on the other players who will work there, and your center will also have its own forum for which you will be the moderator.

To do all this you have to show your managerial talents to find a financial balance between the development of your center and your incoming cash.

Here are the tasks waiting to be done:

* build your equestrian center, from boxes to race tracks, including the
horses bedding,
* accommodate horses in board and lodging
* employ blacksmiths, saddler, grooms and horse riding instructors to
ensure the running of the center,
* organize numerous prestigious horse races,
* construct a cross-country competition track and a show jumping
competition track,
* grow food products to sell to the breeders,
* you have your forum for your equestrian center, that you can, of
course, moderate,
* and finally try to have the most prestigious equestrian center of the

Of course, you can continue to look after your horses when you are the director of your equestrian center. You can even put your own horses free of charge in board and lodging in your equestrian center! cheers

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