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Post by Howrse on Mon Aug 06, 2007 10:03 am

What do the numbers in red or green mean in the rankings?
These show the player's, the horse's or the center's progress in the ranking concerned from one day to the next.

I have been registered for two weeks, but I only see 10 days' registration, why?
This is normal. Only the days you connect to Howrse are taken into account for your registration.

I'm returned to the homepage when doing an action on another page, what can I do?
We recommend you use Mozilla Firefox as an internet browser if you are having problems with the one you are using.

I'm not going to be able to connect to the site for a few days, what will happen to my horses and my equestrian center?
You have nothing to worry about your horses. They will not age if you do not connect to the site. However, the time will continue to pass by for your center. There are therefore a few things to be planned:

Make sure that the employees' contracts fully cover the period of your absence or hire temporary staff,
also ensure that your stock of bedding is sufficient (a box's bedding is changed once a week),
For your crops, you have 20 days to harvest them.
Your center's boxes only wear and tear if you connect to the site. So don't worry if you are away.

When do seasons change on Howrse?
Seasons last a week on Howrse. Autumn starts on the first of each real month. As it lasts a week, on the eighth day of the month winter starts, on the fifteenth day of the month spring starts and on the twenty-second day of the month, summer starts. Summer lasts until the end of the real month in progress to be able to start the cycle of seasons again on the first day of the next month.

I've bought a pass, but the code is not working. What can I do?
You have to use the contact form to send the code which is not working. This is found in the icon Contact us, represented by pencils on the "My profile page".

How can I earn passes for free?
Ways of earning passes:

you earn 1 pass for every 5 karma points acquired
you earn 1 pass every time that 5 of your sponsored breeders reach the 8th riding level
you earn one or several passes when you horse which was sold against passes in private sales has been bought
you earn one pass for each horse over the age of 30 that you send to heaven
you can buy a pass with the money from your reserve on Howrse as of your 50thday on Howrse. You can can buy one every 30 days' registration after this. This will cost you 20% of your monetary reserve.
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How can I create a coat?
You have to buy the black pearl on the black market to offer a personalized coat that can be used by other players. To create your coat, you need a graphics software application.

If I connect to Howrse, do I have to look after all my horses?
You do not have to look after all your horses. If you don't make a horse do any action, then it will not age, and there will be no danger for its health.

How can I put an image on my page or in a chat room?
To insert an image found on your computer, you have to post it on the internet on a site such as imageshack. Then you simply have to put in the address you are given for this image in the chat room or on your page.

For the chat rooms, the tags, to be put each side of a link, for the images are . They must be stuck to the link without any spaces.

On your page you must use the direct link given by the site you have posted your image using the button "image" on your profile page.

How can I make a hypertext link?
A hypertext link enables you to put just one work or a phrase which can be directly clicked on so as to be redirected to an internet page - your horses' page, for example.

In the chat rooms, the tags system is the same as for the images, in this case it is [url] and [/url] .

To mask the address and just put the word or the phase you want, do the following: [url=address to which you want redirecting]word that you want to be displayed and then, still in the same space, close with the tag [/url]

On your presentation page, use the button "link" and directly enter the address towards which you want to be sent. To make a hypertext link, write the text you want to be shown, then select this before using the button to create the link then enter the address in the box that appears.

How can I avoid account thefts?
Howrse players regularly suffer account thefts, but these thefts can be avoided if you follow the advice below:

ALWAYS log out before leaving Howrse,
NEVER save your password in your browser,
do not leave a computer you are connected to without supervision,
obviously, don't give your password to anyone,
delete the email sent you with your registration, as if someone steals your email address, they will have access to your Howrse login and password,
and finally, don't select a password that is too easy to guess by someone who knows you a little.

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