Summer Competition on Howrse!

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Summer Competition on Howrse!

Post by Howrse on Wed Aug 01, 2007 2:35 am

Summer Competition on Howrse
On Howrse there is now a summer competition where you have to search around the pages for sprites that carry crystals. On the game there is one chance and one chance on Howrse to buy passes with the crystals. Here is the description gave:

'Until the 16th of September, find the Sprites on the beach. Donít miss them, they are wandering around on the game pages! The Sprites bring crystals and sometimes other surprises

You also win 5 crystals by pass bought, 1 crystal for each competition won by one of your horses.

You have the possibility, once and only once during the whole contest, to buy passes with your crystals. For that pay attention to the sales, they appear without warning!

At the end of the contest , the 3 players that have gathered the most crystals will each win 50 passes.

And to close the contest, all the crystals left will transform into Equus!'

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